Do you need a convenient, high-performing, and affordable laptop that combines functionality and flexibility? The only laptop you have to look for is the Lenovo Yoga 360 Open Box laptop. This exquisite gadget is a perfect mate for people that require both the energy and notches maturing to your uses, disclosing an exclusive mixture of qualities that ensures from your computing necessities.

Portable Brilliance

With its revolutionary 2-in-1 design, the Lenovo Yoga 360 has already become more than just a laptop or desktop computer. Change it into a workplace laptop, set up for presentations, or turn it into a tablet to be used while heading around – that is all you.

Performance Redefined

Lenovo Yoga 360 carries a lot of power since it uses an Intel i5 7th Gen processor. Regardless of whether you are multitasking, running high-demand apps, or just watching your favorite UD live, this desktop takes care of everything with ease.

With 8 GB of RAM on board, you can count on smooth performance during your computing tasks. The device is snappy when running apps and switching between them or opening multiple tabs at once in Chrome.

The days of slow boot times are finally over due to the high-performance 256 GB SSD that would ensure fast data access. Your laptop’s speed is not only improved by the Solid Storage State Drive but also enjoys more storage because of several gigs available for your documents, multimedia, and applications.

Immersive Interaction

The new touchscreen feature is a complete experience in computing like never before; it’s the X360. Cooperate with your laptop in more natural way- finger bonker through the activities. With your touch screen, whether you draw on paper or write down some notes every day feels much easier when using this device for quick navigation through several applications. The 360-degree hinge that comes with this folding desk, it allows for easy and perfect positioning of the desired angle to fulfill any task comfortably and efficiently.

Open Box Delight

In cases where you choose an open-box laptop, that is one whose work ate just the same as that of new ones but at a considerable cost. A double-win situation – you stumble upon the 14” Lenovo Yoga 360 that would serve you and perform the tasks right, yet at a university student budget. Our open-box laptops are the results of rigorous testing to meet quality standards, which will assure you of a product that not only outwardly has a new look but also functions without flaws.




Yoga 360


Intel Core i5-7300U, 7th Generation




256 GB SSD


13.3 inches diagonal, X360 FHD 2K Touch Screen


Backlit keyboard

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