The ThinkPad T470S Open Box will enable you to experience the power of peak performance at a price without compromising quality. This i7-powered 256 GB SSD model possesses an incredible Intel processor, houses 8GB RAM, and comes with a speedy 14″ matte touchscreen monitor for not only your eyes but also total productivity, making productive computing.

Find and enjoy a unique fusion of efficiency and miniaturization in the IBM ThinkPad T470S — an open-box laptop, embodying all important aspects of the foundational ThinkPad series alongside its most recent developments.

Processor Prowess

Its operation is so smooth thanks to a processor from Intel Core i7 7th Gen, which delivers optimum performance irrespective of the type of task at hand, whether it is simple or challenging in nature, and proficiency such as multitasking and CPU-intensive jobs.

Ample Memory

This ThinkPad, endowed with 8 GB RAM, can provide rapid transitioning between applications and provide efficient multitasking. Even when dealing with spreadsheets or editing documents, everyone appreciates lag-free interaction, and the T470S provides that.

Blazing Storage Speeds

The 256 GB SSD V-NAND offers more than enough space for any files as it provides much better and faster system performance. Have fast boot times, do not waste time launching software programs, and easily transfer files – a necessity for those that want control.

Intuitive Touchscreen Experience

Vivid Display

Just relax with all of the content that comes to life on your 14-inch touchscreen display in dazzling colors and high definition. The ThinkPad T470S promises a visual feast, as the presentation tasks, video watching, or just simple browsing do not require additional attention on the part of a consumer to achieve an immersive experience.

Responsive Touch

The responsive touchscreen feature allows you to slide smoothly from one desktop configuration to the next, which makes navigation easy and adds a dimension of interactivity in your computing environment. Instead of the mouse, utilize Touch and navigate through tasks using Swipe, Tap, and Pinch gestures, intentionally supporting all gamers and leaving PC customers furious.

Portable Perfection

The T470S is a fairly resilient and portable device that gives you a perfect balance of being lightweight enough to carry around anywhere and heavy enough to use for power. Stick it in your bag. It will take you a little effort to win over the day with a device that is lightweight.

Legendary Durability

This laptop, being a ThinkPad, is built to last with legendary durability; thus it can stand up to more than just everyday use. Its durability allows it to stand to the impact of everyday use, even from solid thumps and knocks.

Unbox Innovation, Embrace Affordability

Open Box Savings

We have an open-box ThinkPad T470S value for you – a snip, even in comparison to non-compromised models. With this notebook, you will enjoy the luxury of a prosperous laptop without emptying your bank account; therefore, this is a great venture for thrifty enthusiasts interested in technology.


IBM Lenovo




Intel Core i7-7600U, 7th Generation




256 GB SSD


14 inches diagonal, FHD, Touch Screnn


Backlit keyboard

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