Dell Inspiron 7359, Open Box version, unleashes performance with an i7 6th Gen processor that runs seamlessly alongside added RAM and a spacious SSD of up to 480GB. The X360 touchscreen comes with pen capabilities for maximum functionality in the movement-perfect device – it’s your ideal companion everywhere.

Encounter the Dell Inspiron 7359 laptop, a technological marvel with affordability’s pinch of salt. This open box model under the Intel i7 6th Gen processor system is a storehouse of performance ready to be released.

Sleek Design, Intuitive Interface

The Dell Inspiron 7359 offers a beautiful design seamlessly blending style with practicality. Its lightweight and mobile design also makes it an ideal partner for busy professionals, students, or anyone who is looking for a portable computer. The X360 feature comes with a touch of flexibility to switch your device from laptop and tablet mode without any fuss.

Intel i7 6th Gen Processor: Powerhouse Performance

Powered by the Intel i7 6th Gen processor under its hood, it provides flawless processing blazing in multitasking and content creation. Enjoy fast and agile computing as this supercharged processor quickly processes demanding applications, providing users with seamless operations.

Take Your Visual Experience to the Next Level with Touch Screen & Pen

Surround yourselves in the world of touch screen brilliance with the X360 Touch Screen. Move-in applications, scroll through documents, and pinch-to-zoom with the intuitiveness of touch. Also, with the addition of a pen, your thinking is expanded to sketching; note-taking and design works are facile. Unlock your imagination and take it to the next level with touch pen integration for increased performance.

Speed and Storage: 4 GB RAM, 480GB SSD

The Dell Inspiron 7359 Open Box not only offers phenomenal processing speed but also fast data retrieval and sufficient storage. The 4GB RAM is sufficient for multitasking and allows you to switch between different applications with ease. The 480 GB SSD improves the performance with faster data access, quick boot times and a more snappy user experience. Say goodbye to the lag and hello to efficiency!

Open Box Advantage: Affordable Excellence

The decision to buy an Open Box laptop means that you are getting the best of both worlds. Rest assured, the Dell Inspiron 7359 has been through thorough quality control scrutiny. Enjoy the cost savings without any compromise on quality and performance.

Connectivity Galore

The array of connectivity options comprising the Dell Inspiron 7359 will help you stay in contact with the world. No matter if it is USB ports, HDMI, or the latest wireless technologies – with this laptop, you always remain linked to what matters most. Share, work with others, and be effective.

Your Gateway to Limitless Possibilities

Briefly speaking, the Dell Inspiron 7359 Open Box is an excellent example of how Dell has focused on delivering reliable and powerful devices that are affordable to everyone.

The X360 Touch Screen & Pen capability increases the use versatility of this laptop making it suitable for people looking at more than just a regular machine. With Dell Inspiron 7359 Open Box, you can unmask the full potential of your computer experience as it combines affordability with quality.




Inspiron 7359


Intel Core i7-6500U, 6th Generation


4 GB


480 GB SSD


14 Inches Full HD, X360 Touch Screen and Pen


Back Lit

Finger Print


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